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PHOTO: Aasta Hansteen spar heads to Norwegian Sea in biggest tow-out operation since 1996
2018-04-12 - Image source: Statoil The world’s largest and Norway’s first spar platform, the Statoil-operated Aasta Hansteen, has started its journey from a yard in Norway to its final location, the Aasta Hansteen gas field in the Norwegian Sea.  Statoil said on Thursday through its social media channels that the platform is bei..
Norway’s offshore industry through Øyvind Sætre's lens
2017-12-13 - By Bartolomej Tomić Browsing through Linkedin the other day, I’ve stumbled across a beautiful photo of two heavy lift vessels carrying the giant Aasta Hansteen topside out of the Westcon yard in Ølensvåg, Norway. The vessels were taking the topside to Digernessundet near Stord, where it would eventually be mated t..